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If you’re selling a house, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common ones people ask us.

If you have additional questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them. Just call (405) 300-4041 and get the answers you’re looking for.

What is Home Cash Offer?

Home Cash Offer, is a realty business where every customer is given a fair offer on the house they are selling. There is no process of finding a buyer and waiting for an offer. Home Cash Offer has its own cash funds which it uses to purchase your house. So you will not only receive an instant offer, but once you accept the offer, the money will be in your account is 7-14 days. There is no broker involved and no broker’s fee to be paid. As a policy, Home Cash Offer will make a guaranteed offer on every house, regardless of the condition. You don’t need to bother with repairs or cleaning. Just get in touch to receive your offer.

Why Sell to Home Cash Offer?

With Home Cash Offer, you receive a guaranteed offer on your house regardless of it’s condition. You don’t need to bother with repairs or cleaning. Once you accept the offer, the money is deposited in your account within 7-14 days.

There’s no broker’s fee or any other hidden costs involved. Moreover, we ensure the whole experience for you is a great one. We handle all the paperwork and pay all the closing costs. And there’s no time pressure for you to accept the offer.

If you want to take time to shop around for a better offer, then you can do that and still come back to us if things don’t pan out.

How does Home Cash Offer compare to traditional estate agents?

Home Cash Offer is not a middle man who will help find a buyer for your house. We have our own funds which we use to make an offer and purchase your home. By cutting out the middle man, we cut out any agent’s commission. So you keep the full offer amount.

A real estate agent, on the other hand, will first engage with you and sign you up before starting to look for a buyer for your house. They will then use their marketing channels and networks to find you a suitable buyer. The national average time it takes to sell a house in the USA is 68 days. They usually charge upto a 3% commission for selling your house.

With Home Cash Offer, your house is sold in just 7 days and there is zero commission fee.

Are there any restrictions on the type of properties Home Cash Offer purchases?

We will make you an offer regardless of the condition of your house. As long as there is no legal barrier, you will receive an offer on your house from us.

What are the fees and costs for selling with Home Cash Offer?

You do not incur any costs for selling your house to Home Cash Offer. There is zero commission and we take care of all closing costs.

How does Home Cash Offer value my property?

The price is calculated looking at rental prices and average sales prices in your area. Then the offer is adjusted based on the information you provide about your house’s condition.

How do I contact Home Cash Offer?

You can call us at (405) 300-4041 or Fill out our Enquiry form on our Home Page

What happens once I contact Home Cash Offer?

We will come back to you with a set of questions to understand more about your property. Based on this conversation, you will immediately receive an offer. If you are interested, we will arrange for a site inspection to verify your offer. Once you accept the offer, we will take care of all paperwork and closing costs and you will receive the money within 7-14 days.

Can I sell my house if it’s undergoing foreclosure?

Yes, you can. In many cases, selling your house will stop the foreclosure process and thus save your credit rating. Contact us if you are undergoing foreclosure and would like to sell your house.

How long will it take for me to receive the money from the sale?

It typically takes 7-14 days for you to receive the money once you accept the offer

How long do we have to move out once the offer is accepted?

This is completely negotiable between the seller and Home Cash Offer. We understand that sometimes, there might be a gap between the sale of your house and your move in date for a new accommodation. Feel free to discuss this with us and we will come up with an amicable solution.

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